When it comes to safety on the road, there’s always one group that comes in for criticism – young drivers. However, Ford has just announced the latest dates for its free Driving Skills for Life course, which shows inexperienced drivers the key dangers on the roads much more thoroughly than driving lessons alone.

These free courses run from September 18-20 in Glasgow, October 4-5 in Warwickshire and October 7-9 in Surrey for new drivers aged 17 to 24. This training gives young motorists a tangible sense of the dangers of drink-driving, with them trying to drive while wearing a specially developed ‘drink-driving suit’, consisting of weighted pads to restrict movement, headphones to distort hearing and ‘beer goggles’, which together replicate the effects of being drunk.


One in three young drivers admit to taking a 'selfie' while behind the wheel, says Ford.

Following Ford’s research which highlighted that one in three young Brits had taken a ‘selfie’ behind the wheel while one in four had checked social media on their phone while driving, the course will also show the risks of using a phone at the wheel; participants will attempt to drive using a phone on a controlled course. Also covered are driving at night and in wet weather, which drivers may not experience in their lessons.

The course is now entering its second year in the UK, following a successful 10 years of courses in the USA. The programme runs in partnership with the AA and Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) with training sessions open to drivers aged 17 to 24 with a full UK, manual driving licence. Find out more at www.forddsfl.co.uk.

Picture: Ford