Hot on the heels of their success as Green Manufacturer of the Year at the annual Fleet Van Awards, Ford has scooped the top honour from CAP for their Fiesta as ‘the perfect used car choice for motorists and used car dealers’.

More so than the rest of the competition, especially in what judges called ‘a strong year for the used car market’, the Ford Fiesta’s ability to ‘serve both public and trade equally by offering value for money and reliability’ is what made it truly stand out.

CAP uses sales and performance data to indicate which models are the best in their field. With the Fiesta consistently at the top of the charts as Britain’s best-selling and most trustworthy car, it’s easy to see just why Ford has once again reaped the plaudits.

“It is always tempting for the motoring media and other industry observers to take the ‘petrol head’ approach when giving awards to cars which excite them but the CAP Used Car of the Year Award recognises the contribution a car really makes to consumers and dealers alike,” said a CAP spokesman.

“Equally it is simplistic to merely look at the percentage of its new value a car retains and then declare that it is a good used car buy because, most of the time, it only means it’s an expensive used car to buy. “The Ford Fiesta is a genuinely great used car for all of the reasons we have outlined. Motorists love it because it does exactly what they want it to. Dealers love it because it provides them with a reliable and fair profit opportunity and the accolade of CAP Used Car of the Year 2012 is well deserved by the Ford Fiesta.”

Stephen Jury


January 3, 2013

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