Ford has unveiled the new Puma ST Gold Edition – a limited-run model that the brand’s loyal fans have had a say in creating.

The ‘crowd-sourced’ design is a first for Ford, and came from 275,000 voting on Instagram and Twitter on features such as what the paint colour should be, the kind of decals it should have and also the badging.

From the poll, Ford went with the most popular option, with black being the winning exterior paint option (56 per cent) and red chosen for the colour of the brake callipers (74 per cent). The ST badges were also chosen to remain by 79 per cent, while 87 per cent selected grey for the colour of the seatbelts.

Fans even had a say on the name of the special model, with 59 per cent choosing the Puma ST Gold Edition over the Puma ST 24K Edition.

Amko Leenarts, director of design at Ford of Europe, said: “To create something truly special for our loyal performance fans, we’ve moved to a forward-looking approach in co-creating the Puma ST Gold Edition with them. The number of votes cast shows just how enthusiastic our customers are – and that they have excellent taste.”

The Puma ST is essentially a Fiesta ST underneath, being powered by a turbocharged 197bhp 1.5-litre petrol engine that enables a 0-60mph time of 6.5 seconds.

Ford has said the new Gold Edition will be produced in ‘limited numbers’, with first deliveries expected at the end of the year. Though pricing hasn’t been announced, expect an increase compared to the standard ST’s £28,510 starting price.