We’re big fans of football here at Motors HQ, so the upcoming FA Cup Final on Saturday has ensured that we’re all feeling a bit of football fever in the office. We always love finding out about the latest cars that the players are driving as well – after all, we do love our motors. There’s a number of high class cars that are particularly popular with Premier League footballers – like the Bentley Continental – but which team would beat which when it comes to the car stakes? We’ve pulled together a list of cars for some of the Premier League’s key players and put them head to head in two battles to end all battles: the recent Manchester United versus Manchester City, and the upcoming FA Cup Final of Chelsea versus Liverpool.

Manchester City versus Manchester United

This recent match of the titans eventually saw Manchester City beating their arch rivals 1-0, as fans and pundits alike named the match as one of the biggest in the history of the Premier League. But when it comes to the car stakes, which team comes out on top?

The Manchester United striker and wife of Coleen, Wayne Rooney, packs a punch with his expensive Lamborghini Gallardo, racing ahead just like the striker himself. His team mate Rio Ferdinand doesn’t do too badly either, driving as Aston Martin Vantage, while the experienced Man U player Ryan Giggs motors around in a footballer’s favourite, the Bentley Continental GT. Combined together, they’ve got speed, class and power.

Manchester City player Carlos Tevez, despite his turbulent relationship with the club, has been welcomed back with (pretty much) open arms. This passionate player also drives a Bentley Continental GT, matching Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs. His team mate, Mario Balotelli, drives a racy Audi R8, helping to bump up their speed, while Samir Nasri has plumped for a classic Porsche.

So which of these iconic teams wins in the car stakes? Personally, we’ll have to side with Manchester United: they’ve got cars with just that little bit of extra style and oomph (despite their defeat at the hands of Manchester City!).

Chelsea versus Liverpool

With some of the surprising matches that have occurred this season, the result of the FA Cup Final that’s soon to be played – is – at the moment – up for debate: even the bookies have got a fairly equal weighting on both teams.

And what about in the car stakes? The Liverpool players have a range of cars that tick all our boxes, whether it’s power, speed, or class. Andy Carroll has chosen a thumping Land Rover as his motor of choice, while Luis Suarez is suave enough in his Lexus. The Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard, clocks up the style with a classic Aston Martin Vanquish.

But it’s a tough contest against the players of Chelsea, who aren’t doing too badly with cars themselves. Captain of Chelsea, John Terry, has picked the Bentley Continental for his vehicle (seriously, are Bentley advertising in the changing rooms?) while both Frank Lampard and Fernando Torres have opted for a stylish and sleek Aston Martin DB9. It’s a tough one for us to choose exactly who wins in this particular motors-focused FA Cup Final. In fact, we’ll leave it until Saturday afternoon to decide.

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