Car sharing firm Zipcar has extended its partnership with Volkwagen to include 325 new e-Golfs.

The German manufacturer first partnered with Zipcar in 2016, and has so far seen Londoners gain access to combustion-engined Polos and the hybrid Golf GTE by subscribing to the service, which grants you access to their fleet using membership cards

Last year, Volkswagen substantially updated the e-Golf, and the model now has a range of 186 miles, which translates to a realistic range of 124 miles when actual driving style habits and other parameters are considered in the new WLTP tests.

With power up by 15 kW to 100 kW – or 134bhp – and torque up 20Nm to 290Nm, the updated e-Golf reaches 60 mph in just 9.4 seconds and can go on to reach 93 mph. It also boasts a new lithium-ion battery, which increase the car’s energy capacity from 24.2 kWh to 35.8 kWh.

The updated e-Golf also features Volkswagen’s new Discover Navigation Pro infotainment system, which features gesture control, a DAB radio and speed limit display.

Jonathan Hampson, general manager for Zipcar UK, said: “We have always wanted to use the cleanest possible vehicles, which is why we’re incredibly proud and excited to team up with Volkswagen for this zero emissions initiative. It marks another step towards our vision for a greener London where car sharers outnumber car owners, making our amazing city an even better place to live for all.”

Zipcar, which was founded in January 2000, runs car sharing operations across countries including Germany, Spain, Canada and its home nation, the US.