Don't get stranded if the roads flood. The Institute of Advanced Motorists tells you what to do to keep mobile in the wet.

With such a dismal summer, flash floods could pose a headache. And to help drivers out, the Institute of Advanced Motorists has pitched in with advice on how to keep going.

Here’s what they say:

• If you have to drive through deep water, use the highest section of the road, and don’t set off if a vehicle is travelling in the opposite direction.

• Leave time and space for each other, so that you don’t swamp another driver.

• Drive slowly and keep going – make sure you have a clear run. Keep the revs high by slipping the clutch (dipping the pedal so that the clutch isn’t fully engaged) while you are in the water

• Don’t take your foot off the accelerator, as this can let water into the exhaust pipe

• Don’t forget to close your windows

• Once you’re through the water, dry the brakes. To do this, lightly apply them and drive along for a few seconds.

The IAM also reminds drivers that when roads are wet, stopping distances increase, so they need to leave even more room than usual. It’s also wise to switch on your headlamps whenever you need your wipers, to give other road users the best chance of seeing you.

Stephen Jury


August 26, 2008