Noticed tyres dumped in your local wood or beauty spot? They shouldn’t be there – and the law is cracking down hard on tyre traders who act illegally.

A gang of nine have just received fines of over £75,000 for unlawful dumping of used tyres. And the Environment Agency has launched a campaign, called ‘Get a Grip’ to crack down on rogue tyre dumpers.

Since 2006, the disposal of tyres in landfill sites – where much non-recyclable household rubbish ends up – has been banned. Currently, 45 million tyres every year are correctly recycled. The tyre industry’s Responsible Recycler Scheme is the largest of its type in Europe. When you buy new tyres, the price you pay includes a charge to cover the cost of recycling your worn-out ones

But enough old tyres end up where they shouldn’t to cause a continuing problem. The Environment Agency urges anyone who has info that can help catch offenders should ring 08708 506506. All calls will remain completely confidential.