If you need any convincing that racing on the public road is a bad idea (and you really, really shouldn’t), check out this video of a manic Ferrari 458 driver, who caused carnage on a Taiwanese motorway recently.

Captured on the dash-cam of a fellow motorist, the Ferrari can be seen ‘making progress’ at quite a rate, before executing a dangerous lane-change manoeuvre across the camera car.

Unfortunately, the Ferrari driver is so busy wringing every last ounce of performance from his car that he completely fails to notice his rival Nissan GT-R closing in on the gap he’s trying to fill.

Cue some emergency braking from the Nissan driver, which sees him lose control on the slippery grass verge, before spinning into yet another unfortunate motorist, littering the carriageway with debris.

The Ferrari driver, meanwhile, having escaped the tangle unscathed, simply saunters off into the distance.

Aside from highlighting the stupidity of racing on the road, the video also goes to show that dash cams can prove invaluable in determining what actually happened in a collision. If this incident hadn’t been caught on camera, it would have been very difficult to prove the Ferrari driver’s involvement.

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Daljinder Nagra


February 9, 2015