Most owners of the sought-after and highly regarded Ferrari 288 GTO would be happy to let their prize possession rest comfortably in a heated, damp-proof garage as the trickle charger goes to work keeping the battery healthy.

Perhaps on a really glorious day, the 288 GTO would be wheeled out for a good wash and polish and driven to a local classic car meet where it would be admired for its 2.8-litre, eight-cylinder engine and era-defining supercar looks.

But the Fezza in this high-octane video doesn’t belong to your run-of-the-mill supercar collector, it belongs to YouTube user TaxTheRich100, so that means it is bound to live a much more, er, interesting life.

The chaps behind this video have also been responsible for spinning a Jaguar XJ220 around a field, off-roading in a Rolls-Royce and power-sliding a Ferrari Enzo through muddy puddles.

Very little is known about the YouTube user in question but we do know he or she has a mighty fine taste in very expensive cars and that he or she is not afraid to thoroughly spank the dangly bits off them.

Click play on the video above and wince at the extremely near-misses, cheer at the power slides and question why the individual behind the wheel of an £800,000+ supercar is hooning it around a farm.