The hype machine surrounding the latest Fast & Furious movie rumbles on, with the film moving on from the sleeper-hit origins of the first installment to become a proper all-out Hollywood action blockbuster.

As ever, it is the cars on show that will be a draw for the legion of motor fans that flock to see every chapter in this street-racing story. And because this time around the film is set in London, viewers will be treated to some stylish European metal, not least the effortlessly glamorous Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

To celebrate its involvement with the film, Alfa Romeo has released a limited edition version of the car, called the Alfa Giulietta 1.4 TB FF6 Limited Edition, which features a dash-mounted plaque with the autographs of the film’s cast.

It costs £25,675, and buyers will have the opportunity to attend a stunt day with a professional movie stuntman.

Unfortunately – particularly given the car’s racy role in the film – the limited edition Giulietta doesn’t receive any performance modifications, being fitted with the same 170bhp 1.4-litre MultiAir engine available in the rest of the model range.

However, if you do want one, you had better be quick, as only six are to be made, each with a plaque corresponding to a particular film in the franchise. They will be sold exclusively through the Motor Village Marylebone Alfa Romeo dealership in central London.

Damien Dally, Head of Brand, Alfa Romeo UK said: “This is a very exclusive model taken directly from a blockbuster movie of global appeal. The Alfa Giulietta Fast & Furious 6 limited edition is a hugely exciting addition to our range, one we feel sure will appeal not just to fans of the films, but all those with a discerning eye for beautiful automotive styling.”

Fast & Furious 6 opens in cinemas tomorrow.

If you fancy your own Giulietta, but can live without the scribblings of Vin Diesel on your dashboard, you can browse are classifieds here.