Drivers will soon be able to report road crashes online after ministers announced an extension to a service that allows victims to report crime via the internet.

Many police forces already allow victims of crime to report incidents online but today Jesse Norman will announce an extension of this to cover car crashes.

The move will make it far easier for victims of car crashes to report incidents, as it will no longer mean they will have to go into a police station to notify authorities about crashes, although motorists will still be able to do this, too.

Jesse Norman is expected to say at the National Roads Policing Conference later today: “The current system [to report crashes] is out of date; it takes up considerable amounts of time and increases queues for reporting crimes. The ability to report accidents online will make the whole process quicker and easier for both drivers and the police.”

The service to report crashes is being developed with aid from the Department for Transport, and will be free for all police forces to use. The Collision Reporting and Sharing System (CRASH) will also allow police officers to report crashes via an app using an accurate location.

The process is expected to save time for the police, while highways authorities will also be able to access this information.

While the move has been welcomed by motoring organisations, it has been emphasised that the police should not see crashes as ‘low priority’. Edmund king, president of the AA, said to the Daily Mail that he expected most drivers to welcome the announcements.

He added: “But this shouldn’t devalue the seriousness of crashes and there will be a vital role for the police to investigate any major incidents.

“There will also need to be safeguards to deter the ‘crash for cash’ from manipulating the system.”

Ted Welford


January 30, 2018

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