Police in London’s affluent borough of Kensington and Chelsea have sent letters to local owners of valuable supercars and top of the range 4x4s warning them that their cars are most at risk of being targeted by criminals.

Police officers are advising owners of high-end cars to use steering wheel locks as a simple protection against a new generation of high-tech thieves who have found ways to bypass car security systems and can clone car keys.

The letter from the Metropolitan Police warns specific vehicle owners that their cars “May be at heightened risk of being stolen,” states the Daily Mail. It continues: “Expensive vehicles, including Range Rovers, Land Rovers and BMW X5 series and X6 series, in particular have been targeted.”

Thieves select luxury cars which use a certain type of key and get inside the car without setting off the alarm. Once inside criminals can press the engine start/stop button, plug in a small computer into the car and programme a new key fob. Once this process is complete thieves can simply start the engine and drive off.

Many car owners are angry that their cars are not better protected. Range Rover owner Simon Gregg, one of the owners to receive the letter, said: “Manufacturers have a problem with this crime, but they are not bothering to tell people.

“It has got to the point now that people are going to Halfords and buying a steering lock because it will act as a better deterrent.”

Have you been affected by hi-tech vehicle crime? How do you protect your vehicle from thieves? Have your say below.

Daljinder Nagra


July 21, 2014