SEARCH launches Bluesbusters campaign

March 6, 2009 | By | In Events launches initiative to get the UK's drivers smiling wide once again.

With all the gloomy news around, isn’t it time someone began a campaign to get us all smiling again? That’s what we at believe. And we’ve turned thoughts into actions by launching the Bluesbusters campaign.

Starting in Leeds on Tuesday, a team will perform random acts of kindness to make drivers happy. Whether it’s giving away free lollipops, helping shoppers load their car boots with groceries, or even giving hugs to anyone who feels glum, the aim is to make the world a cheerier place.

Driving specially liveried Bluesbusters cars, the team will then criss-cross Britain, covering 3000 miles in all. Cities to receive the Bluesbusters treatment will include Hull, Bath, Bristol, Stoke Leicester, while various locations across Kent will be visited, too, along with the Bluewater and Lakeside shopping centres.

Katie Armitage, Marketing Manager for said: “This year, the usual winter blues have been compounded by the doom and gloom of the extraordinary economic conditions. People need cheering up and drivers particularly so; commuting and parking costs are rising, steep road tax hikes still hang over them and petrol prices are unpredictable.

“The site is all about taking the stress and hassle out of buying a car and the Blues Busters will continue this philosophy by giving people something to smile about. Just a small lift amidst a hectic day can make people feel happier and we aim to boost driver’s spirits by delivering as many fun experiences as possible at each location.”

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