New commercial featuring the brand icon, the Big Blue Wheel, begins this week We’re back on TV! Tune in to Coronation Street tonight and, if you’re in the Yorkshire or Tyne Tees television regions, you’ll see the commercial featuring our brand icon, the Big Blue Wheel. It’s the start of a campaign running for four weeks, during which the ad will appear during prime-time programmes, such as Midsomer Murders, Corrie and The Bill.

We will be advertising to no fewer than 5.3 million people across the two regions in a campaign that runs for four weeks. From previous tv campaigns, we know that awareness of jumped by 20% as a result. And, of those who have seen the ad, half have made a mental note to visit at a later date.

If you’re elsewhere in the country – watch this space. We’ve thorough-going investment plans for 2010 which will see us popping up on a TV near you. To see a preview of the ad, click here

Stephen Jury


September 28, 2009

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