Nissan IMx electric concept revealed

Nissan, maker of the ever-popular all-electric Leaf, has whipped the covers off a new electric concept car at the Tokyo motor show this week, according to reports in Australia’s CarsGuide.

With the new Nissan Leaf shortly to hit UK roads, joining more than 20,000 Leafs already on our streets, the IMx points to Nissan’s ambitions in the electric car sector. The next logical step for Nissan would be to branch out into the compact-SUV segment on the Leaf platform and the IMx electric could be the first clue to Nissan’s thinking.

The concept showcases two of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility features – fully electric drive-train and fully autonomous driving.

Nissan’s IMx electric Features

The IMx is moved along by two electric batteries – one at the front and one at the rear – with a combined power output of 438bhp and 700Nm. Nissan says the battery pack has been redesigned for higher density, delivering a vehicle range of 370 miles. This will be good news to first-generation Leaf buyers who struggle with range anxiety brought on by its if-you’re-careful range of 124 miles.

Also, Nissan’s ProPilot system is along to take you for a ride. The manufacturer admits this is a “future version”, but says pressing the ProPilot button will fold away the steering wheel and recline all of the seats, so you can gaze out of the glass roof and enjoy an automated ride.

The IMx is full of classic concept car features. The wacky interior is refreshingly free of buttons and switches, with Nissan saying that the controls are replaced with eye movement and hand gestures.

Returning to earth, it’s worth noting the body style Nissan has chosen for the IMx. While not explicitly stating that it’s a compact SUV, it bears all the hallmarks of such a thing – higher ride height, lofty interior, sporty looks. At the recent launch of the new Leaf, Nissan executives were coy about whether an electric small SUV was on the way, so the IMx might be the reason why.

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November 1, 2017

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