Driving instructor Samuel Jackson, who made Internet fame when he placed the ‘L’ plate between his names, was stunned to receive a call from his Hollywood namesake.

The clever joke reached film star Samuel L Jackson who spoke to the driving instructor on the phone during a recording of the Graham Norton Show that never made it to air.

However, Jackson shared with the Express what they spoke about: “He used a lot of choice language which I can't repeat, and it was a bit surreal to speak to someone so famous.

"He's a nice guy and I think we both found it quite amusing.

"People love to laugh and joke about it, and in heavy traffic, people love to stop, point and smile."

"He quite liked it really.

"Our lives are miles apart but it's amazing how you can just be brought together with a strong name.”

Jackson has added a bumper sticker to his company wheels that reads: 'no snakes kept in this vehicle overnight'. A 6ft snake stuffed toy completes the look.

He continued: "A man asked me if I keep snakes in the car, which I thought was great, so I got the snake and the sticker to amuse people.

Jackson, from Southport, Merseyside, revealed it was his wife who came up with the pun.

“My driving business is named after myself, but my wife suggested I added the 'L' in the middle for comedy value,” he told the Express.

"It's mandatory for me to have the 'L' plates so I just put one in the middle of my name – it's others' imagination that does the rest.”

The driving tutor became an online sensation when his instructor sign caught the attention of passers by and they began taking photos.

"People love to laugh and joke about it, and in heavy traffic, people love to stop, point and smile.

"I was in London not long ago, and we were gridlocked for around 20 minutes so people were just taking pictures.

"I've been shared by people right around the world, I can't keep up with it!”

Have you spotted any other funny motoring puns on your travels? You can share them below.

Author: Rebecca Chaplin

Picture: SWNS

Daljinder Nagra


July 8, 2014

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