So it’s NYE and people are already talking about how good the past year has been and how much better they hope 2013 will be. But what driving resolutions will you be making for the New Year? Here at, we’ve decided to cut our list to just 5 resolutions – that way we’re bound to keep them.

Keep my car clean Not only will keeping your car clean make you feel better and make things easier to find, but passengers won’t cringe when they open the door and see last night’s takeaway boxes or wonder what that smell is coming from the footwell.

Stop riding the brakes They’re costly little things those brake pads, so it’s worth not having to buy them twice as much as you need to. Look out at the road ahead, plan your manoeuvres and you’ll find yourself tapping that middle pedal a lot less.

Enjoy driving again Rather than just driving to and from work or taxiing the kids around, why not find an open stretch of road and remember the freedom you felt when you were handed the keys to your first car? There are some fantastic country roads across the UK and Europe – go out and enjoy them.

Stop giving into road rage Letting the little things annoy you whilst you’re driving and shouting at fellow drivers in the mirror not only ruins your commute but it can be bad for your health. Take a deep breath and let that other car into your lane. You never know – it might make you feel better.

Keep up with maintenance on my car Running a used car can be costly if you don’t keep on top of basic maintenance. If you are the sort of person that dreads the annual MOT and service, try and keep on top of basic things. You don’t have to be a mechanic to keep on top of things like tyre pressure, fluids and bulbs, but you can save yourself from some needlessly expensive garage bills.


December 31, 2012