Drivers in the UK are being encouraged to report obscured signs that have been hidden by overgrown bushes and trees.

The call has been made by breakdown and road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist which claims that local authorities may have prioritised other projects ahead of simple roadside maintenance during the coronavirus outbreak.

At this time of year, vegetation will flourish and, in many cases, obscure road signs which could pose a serious safety concern to motorists and other road users.

Neil Worth, GEM chief executive, said: “Road signs provide vital information for drivers, who will plan their speeds and actions based either wholly or in part on what the signs tell them.

“If you can’t see a sign, then your ability to make safe decisions is compromised, especially if you’re on unfamiliar roads. Nourished by recent rain, vegetation at this time of year tends to be at its most prolific, meaning more and more signs risk being partially or completely covered. It’s a growing menace that puts road users at risk.”

GEM suggested that should anyone notice an obscured sign in England, they should use the Government website to inform them of any issues. Transport for Scotland will manage any issues north of the border.

According to a survey last year by Transport Focus, nearly a third of all drivers had missed a motorway exit, blaming obscured, concealed or poorly designed signs.