Drink-driving has been deemed the most dangerous motoring offence by drivers in a poll carried out by car warranty provider, Warrantywise. But those who took part in the survey are a bit out of kilter with the actual facts, according to the latest accident figures.

A total of 67 per cent of respondents thought that drink-driving was the most serious road offence. Next in line was ignoring traffic lights – though only 10 per cent of people rated this as the most serious offence. Drivers using mobile devices such as phones and tablets received a vote of nine per cent, while speeding chalked up just five per cent of the overall vote.

We are surprised that so few see the use of mobile phones while driving a serious problem.

However, these beliefs don’t match road fatality statistics; while drink driving results in around 300 deaths every year, speeding accounts for approximately 400 deaths every year, claimed Warrantywise. Mobile phone use was also underplayed as a risk, even though 70 per cent of respondents in a previous Warrantywise survey raised it as their biggest pet hate on the roads.

Richard Hodges, marketing manager at Warrantywise, said: “We are always interested to hear the views of motorists, but we are surprised that so few see the use of mobile phones while driving a serious problem.” Following a number of deaths due to motorists driving while on the phone, the government has introduced plans to increase penalties for those caught phone-driving.

Making up the rest of the poll, smoking and eating received 2 per cent of the vote, as did motorists driving too slowly and embarking on dangerous overtaking manoeuvres.

Picture: Alberich – Fotolia