Do you prefer to drive alone? If you do, you’re in good company. A survey just commissioned by Crech car maker Skoda reveals that two out of three drivers relish time spent alone in the car.

The research, carried out by top polling organisation YouGov shows that many drivers shun friends, families and even the chance of a celebrity passenger as a driving companion in favour of grabbing valuable ‘me’ time on their own. Some, predictably, cited listening to music or the radio as a main source of pleasure while in the car, but a sizeable proportion mentioned beautiful scenery as a treat, while others most appreciated the time it gave them time to think.

Gladeana McMahon, who ranks among the UK’s leading psychologists, says: ‘this survey illustrates how important alone time is. Driving on your own gives you time to think, whether it be mulling over issues or remembering good times.

‘Research into the area of positive psychology shows that people who spend time reflecting on what they are thankful for become more psychologically resilient. So if used positively, your daily car journey can be channelled to make you healthier and happier.’

The survey also revealed that when it came to travelling with work colleagues, half of drivers felt it would be time well spent in getting to know fellow workers better, although one in five would use the time to gossip. Only one in 100 of those asked would consider their boss to be a favourite passenger, although one in 12 felt that time in the car with their manager might improve their careers or promotion prospects.