Block is back once again. But his latest action-packed video is not a Gymkhana. Far from it, in fact.

Entitled Battle Broyale, the video features two teams racing Can-am Maverick X3 off-road buggies through various set-ups. Team Block is headed up by the Hoonigan himself, while Team Baldwin is fronted by seven time off-road racing champion BJ Baldwin.

Presented in a video game-esque format, race one sees Ryan Kibbe line up against Chris Forsberg as they race through ‘Urban Paradise’, a derelict and dusty housing complex. Forsberg takes the first point for Team Baldwin.

The next race sees Justin Oquendo conquer the Desert Oasis, beating competitor Dustin Jones to collect a point for Team Block.

The final race sees Block and Baldwin take to the controls in the Country Club tie-breaker.

After a tense race, the pair approach the finish line wheel-to-wheel, but Baldwin sneaks a lead to takes the Battle Broyale title for his team.