With cars becoming more technical by the hour, almost half of all drivers admit they have a poor understanding of their cars.

In a poll conducted by Britannia Rescue, 47 percent of drivers admitted that they had a weak or ‘non-existent’ understanding of the way their vehicle worked.

With cars becoming more complex and dependent on microchips, 10 per cent of men and 30 per cent of women acknowledged they know absolutely nothing about their cars.

Emma Holyer, spokesperson for Britannia Rescue, said: “There is little doubt that innovation has made driving a far more pleasurable experience, but it has made part time weekend mechanics a thing of the past. "With many cars relying on complex electronics or technology, many problems now require specialist equipment, as well as specialist knowledge, to get the problem fixed. “

Other motor-related errors include motorists mistaking FWD as an abbreviation for four-wheel drive as opposed to front wheel drive, and 28 per cent of Brits unfamiliar with the term MPV or ABS which stand for multi person vehicle and anti-lock braking system.

Stephen Jury


May 16, 2008