Drivers have been advised to check the condition of their tyres before hitting the roads for Christmas.

As tyre related issues are the second most common cause for breakdown, essential maintenance checks should be carried out, warned tyre awareness charity TyreSafe.

It is urging drivers to check their tyres before long journeys, as most cars will be having to carry extra weight, either from more passengers or from luggage.

Drivers are advised to check the recommended tyre pressures from the manufacturer. Two pressures are usually provided, one for light loads and one for the car when it is fully laden which you should choose appropriately.

Tyre tread depth should be at its absolute minimum of 1.6mm to be legal and drivers can check the amount of tread left as a guide using a 20p piece to place in the grooves in the tyres. Motorists should also check their tyres for bulges and cracks, too.

TyreSafe also warned that drivers with illegal tyres could be fined up to #2,500 and up to three penalty points being put on their license for having defective tyres.

The warning comes as driver were urged to consider the need to travel tomorrow by the RAC, who has dubbed the day ‘Frantic Friday’ for traffic as holiday and commuter traffic clashes. Millions of people are expected to take to the roads this festive period, with the largest volume of traffic expected on Boxing Day.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe said: “There’s not much any of us can do about traffic congestion but we can reduce the risks of interruptions due to poor maintenance of a vehicle, especially tyres.

“These straightforward, routine checks not only reduce your risks on the road, they save you money and the need to call a breakdown recovery service likely.”

Ted Welford


December 21, 2017