Drivers with children will be well aware of how messy a car’s interior can get. However, we’d wager few parents have had their cars written off because of it – something that happened to an unlucky Maserati owner in Australia.

Faced with a dog that had walked out in front of his car, the driver swerved to avoid it, completely forgetting about the tin of paint that was resting on the rear passenger seat.

The violence of the manoeuvre saw the tin of paint fly through the air minus its lid, coating nearly the entire cabin in white paint.

RAA Insurance, which covers the Maserati, estimated that around £40,000-worth of damage was caused, and settled with the owner after writing off the car.

In a Mirror report, RAA claims manager Hayley Cain said: “As the tin flew around the car like a mini tornado, the leather interior and windscreen were liberally splashed with a thick coat of white paint.

"Fortunately the driver was fine, but given the extent of damage to the interior, our insurance assessors declared it a write-off and we settled the claim for over $90,000.”

This isn’t the first unusual insurance claim that RAA has had to deal with. Customers have previously reported damaged vehicles caused by rodents eating wiring, through to parrots eating interior trim.

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Picture: Twitter/@RAAofSA

Daljinder Nagra


June 29, 2015