A high-ranking Australian judge has been banned from passing sentence in cases involving drunk offenders, after she was caught driving while under the influence.

Justice Anne Bampton, 51, was caught after she knocked a cyclist off her bike while driving through Adelaide, in the south of the country.

She later appeared before Magistrates, where she was fined $1,300 and disqualified from driving for eight and half months.

Now, however, South Australia’s chief justice, Chris Kourakis, has imposed further restrictions on Bampton, banning her from presiding over cases or civil claims arising from driving offences.

She is also banned from sentencing offenders in cases where drinking was a major factor in the offence.

Bampton admitted driving with excess blood alcohol and without due care and attention in November last year – just two weeks after she was appointed as a Supreme Court judge.

The court heard how Bampton was witnessed veering out of her lane, before hitting the cyclist. She then got out to apologise to the lady, who suffered a broken nose in the collision.

Speaking at her court case, she said she was deeply ashamed of her behaviour.

"I apologise to the young woman who was riding her bike and I apologise to the South Australian community," reported The Guardian.

Bampton was also ordered to pay $10 in compensation to the cyclist for her broken bike light, as well as court costs.

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Daljinder Nagra


January 15, 2014

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