Hatchbacks are boring, right? If you really want the best driving experience – as well as head turning looks – you need a sleek two-door coupe, don’t you?

Well to find out if Audi’s TT is worth the extra outlay over its more upright A3 sibling, we’ve lined them both on the drag strip to see which is fastest.

Granted, it’s not the fairest of tests – a brand new TT vs a previous generation 1.6-litre diesel A3 – but it’s a great display of how potent even this baby 1.8-litre TT really is.

And yes, eagle-eyed viewers, we did notice the A3’s chances are scuppered from the get-go by our ham-footed driver, but trust us, even with a clean start it wouldn’t have caught the TT over the quarter-mile run.