Actor Joseph Fiennes has backed a campaign to prevent motorists from driving when tired.

The British acting star, Joseph Fiennes is the voice behind the latest Government campaign to alert motorists to the dangers of getting behind the wheel when tired.

A You Gov poll of 2,071 British drivers announced this week sites that 20 per cent of crashes on major roads are caused by drivers who are tired, with 18 per cent of motorists ignoring the signs that they need a break, and carrying on driving regardless.

Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick said:

"We all want to finish our journeys as quickly as possible but being tired at the wheel is a proven killer that we cannot ignore".

"People who drive for work are particularly at risk but there are simple steps we can all take to make our journeys safer. Plan regular stops into a long trip and if you find yourself yawning pull over and take a break – this could make the difference between life and death."

The new £800,000 THINK! campaign will feature a new hard-hitting radio advert featuring Joseph Fiennes, online advertising on journey planning websites, partnership marketing and messaging at service station washrooms, forecourts and petrol pumps.

The campaign has been primarily targeted at people who drive for work as research shows they are at particular risk.

Many drivers believe they can fight driving fatigue but the THINK! campaign sites that the only real cure is sleep. For more information on driving when tired visit

Stephen Jury


March 27, 2008