A just-published survey by MyVoice suggests that women drivers' hairstyles up the risks of a serious crash.

The research carried out on 1000 women drivers throughout the UK revealed that 67 per cent of women sport hairstyles which are a potential hazard whilst driving, with only 21 per cent admitting to securing their hair before taking to the wheel.

With the increasing pressure to prioritise style over practicality, women are being urged to pay more attention to which hairstyles may influence their driving capabilities. More women are being influenced by their celebrity idols with over 9.5 million female drivers admitting that driving is the last thing on their mind whilst sat in the hairdresser’s chair.

Hair trends have also been proven to distract a woman’s attention whilst driving. Many women will naturally take one or both hands off the wheel to re-arrange a hairstyle or tuck lose strands behind their ears.

Martyn Maxey, an award winning celebrity hairdresser in London, suggests some top tips on how to control your hairstyle and be glamourous whilst driving. He comments:

“It’s easy to keep a simple headband or alice band in your car’s glove compartment at all times… for the ultimate in glamour, a pair of Chanel sunglasses secured tightly on the top of your head will push all stray hair away from the face.”

Statistics show that almost 190,000 female motorists have had an accident or near miss as a result of their hairstyle, but with over half of the UK’s women prioritising style over practicality, this figure isn’t likely to change in foreseeable future.

Stephen Jury


January 27, 2008

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