Results from a survey released today have found that 45% of UK drivers text and drive.

Figures released today by the RAC Foundation reveal that motorists regularly take the law into their own hands by texting whilst driving

A survey conducted on two thousand Facebook users over a period of one month, revealed that 45% of UK motorists text and drive, whilst only 11% of motorists turn off their phones when driving or switch them to mute.

The survey marks the 1 year anniversary of the government’s decision to increase the penalties for using a hand-held phone at the wheel.

Motorists now receive a £60 fine and 3 penalty points for using their mobile phone whilst driving, which includes texting.

Elizabeth Dainton, Research Development Manager for the RAC Foundation, said: “Urgent action is needed to address this increasing problem, especially as the 'Y' generation, who have grown up with technology and computers, begin to take to the road. "Using a mobile phone whilst driving means you are four times more likely to have a crash. If you have an accident whilst texting and driving, you can be prosecuted for not using due care and attention. "Our message is clear – texting whilst driving is not safe. Motorists should switch off their mobile phones when driving or put them on silent mode.”

The survey found that younger motorists were more prone to texting in congested areas of the country. The level of texting differed throughout the UK with the highest result of 53% recorded in London.

Stephen Jury


February 27, 2008