Prices rise to new record – and more increases are on the wayThe average price of a gallon of diesel has hit £6.The Automobile Association keeps track of fuel prices across the UK and reports that the price is 132.8p per litre (£6.04 per gallon). Petrol prices continue to edge up and currently sit at 118.6p per litre (£5.39). More than half of the UK’s 9800 forecourts are said to be selling fuel at these prices.

However, prices fluctuate wildly. Diesel and petrol are cheapest in northern England and in city areas where drivers have a greater choice of fill-ups. But London drivers pay more than average: up to 145p per litre (£6.59/gallon) for diesel and 124p for petrol (£5.62/gallon). These prices are for London SW2. But, by shopping around, drivers in that post code area can save 128p per litre on diesel and 9p on petrol.

According to the Daily Mail, the fact that diesel now costs £6 per gallon means the Government is less likely to impose its proposed 2p per litre fuel duty increase. This is due to begin in October.

The average car has a 55-litre fuel tank, so an average diesel fill-up now costs just over £73. Filling up with petrol costs £65.

And, which tracks pump prices, predicts that £1.50 per litre diesel (£6.80/gallon) is only six weeks away. Ever wondered who gets what from pump prices? For the answers, click here.