So you’ve successfully decked the halls but you’re still not satisfied with the level of Christmas cheer in your life. You attention turns to your car, with whom you spend quite a lot of time during the winter months – is there a way to decorate your vehicle so that you can be surrounded by seasonal merriment during your commute? The answer is, of course, where there’s a will, there’s always a way. But should you? Is it unbelievable tacky? Is it safe?

To all these questions, we say ‘Yes’. Christmas is the time for tacky and tasteless, so don’t let that hold you back, but just be aware when you’re decorating not to compromise your (and other’s) safety. A dashboard full of Christmas figurines and flashing fairy lights may appeal to your inner child, but stay away from anything that can distract you from driving, and keep your line of sight clear at all times. We don’t want to be Scrooges – but Christmas in A & E is no one’s idea of festive fun.

That said, there are plenty of car decorations which won’t cause accidents and we encourage you to indulge your desire to accessorise your automobile. A Christmas-sy aerial topper or steering wheel cover is a quick, budget-friendly way of getting into the spirit. For something a bit more striking, why not get some decals or window stickers? There’s a great range available to suit everyone, from Christmas messages of goodwill to snowflakes and candy canes. A little bit of that fake snow spray on the windows is also a pretty easy way of decorating your car this winter; just be careful not to obscure your vision.

A wreath on your grill is a fun addition, but be sure that it’s secured properly. And, if you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, a great novelty option is a big, red Rudolph nose on the front of the car, topped with window-mounted antlers; just be prepared for the mockery of other drivers!

Are you decorating your car this Christmas? What do you think of the idea?

Dermot Kelleher


December 14, 2012

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