If you really want your nearly-new Ferrari to go up in value, it needn’t have been formerly owned by a Formula 1 world champion or have taken the chequered flag at a world-renowned motorsport event. You just need to be a famous house DJ with a questionable taste in car customisation, as proved by Deadmau5, who has recently advertised his ‘Purrari’ 458 Spider for a whopping $380,000 (£223,930).

The asking price is considerably more than the basic £198,971 asking price of a new Ferrari 458 Spider, though the car has undergone significant customisation, featuring a unique blue colour scheme overlayed with large graphics of ‘Nyan Cat’ (Google it) – quite possibly the most annoying meme to ever emerge from the Internet.

So what do you get aside from the childish paint job? Deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) has also gone to the trouble of replacing all the prancing horse emblems with image of leaping cats, everywhere from the rear of the car to the steering wheel – something we’re sure has pleased the car’s makers no end.

Buyers of the 6,500-mile car are also offered free delivery (within North America), an iPod full of Nyan Cat songs (joy) and the chance to participate in and film a ‘coffee run’ in the car with the vinyl-spinner himself.

More relevantly, any future owner will be able to restore the car to its factory condition, as the decoration is merely a wrap and not a layer of paint.

A word of caution: unlike most examples, this particular Ferrari 458 has been er…well used. Not only did it compete in this month’s Gumball 3000, mixing it on the road with countless other supercars, Deadmau5 also took it on a high-speed run, hitting 168mph on a closed runway.

Click play above to see the Nyan Cat Ferrari in action (caution: strong language). If the colour scheme isn’t to your taste, you can search our classifieds for a red one here.