As most parents will attest, to children cars are more than just a means of getting from A to B. Where an adult might see a means to weekend thrills (or a cash-draining liability, depending on what you drive), children see cars in a more mystical light.

The popularity of the Transformers and Herbie films feeds this childhood fantasy of cars with personalities. Now one father has taken the theme a step further by kitting his Toyota GT86 sports car out to look like his son Lucas’s favourite cartoon character: Lightning McQueen from the Pixar animated film ‘Cars’.

The Toyota GT86 lent itself well to the Disney-style makeover, being low, sleek and, crucially in this case, red.

“I actually thought my son would feel really cool if he rode Lightning McQueen to school,” said Lee to

Covering his car in decals faithful to Lightning McQueen’s design, including a windscreen sticker showing the character’s big blue eyes, the GT86 looked every inch the replica animated racer.

“My son was so happy when he saw the car. But since he just woke up that time we showed it to him, the real excitement came days after where he actually ran around the car himself with a really big smile on his face.”

And to ensure his creation had the go to match its new looks, Ryan and his partners at Speedworks Engineering installed several modifications including a turbocharger and a re-mapped engine control unit to raise power to over 300bhp – an increase of 50 per cent over the standard GT86.

Click play below to watch Lucas’s reaction to his dad’s new wheels.

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Picture: Flickr/JD Hancock