The days of analogue radio in cars look to be numbered, as new figures show that 55 per cent of new cars sold come equipped with a DAB digital receiver as standard.

According to industry analysts CAP and The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the rise of digital radio in cars has been rapid, up from 37.2 per cent last year and from just 3.6 per cent four years ago.

SMMT figures show that in March of this year there were 464,824 new car registrations – the highest for a decade. So far this year 440,000 new cars have been sold with a standard-fit digital radio, which represents an increase of 62 per cent over last year’s number.

The increase in the prevalence of DAB tuners has been boosted by the number of car manufacturers offering them as standard equipment. Models from German brands are particularly likely to have them fitted, with BMW offering them across 100 per cent of its range. Following closely behind is VW (89 per cent), Audi (88 per cent) and volume seller Ford, which offers DAB as standard across 77 per cent of its models.

Statistics show that over a fifth of radio listening takes place in cars. If your car doesn’t currently have a digital radio system, there’s no need to feel left out. Most car dealers and aftermarket specialists can convert a car’s stereo to digital radio quickly and relatively cheaply.

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Picture: Fotolia