Spanish performance brand Cupra has launched a new app that aims to help drivers understand whether a hybrid or electric car is right for them.

Launched today (September 9) to coincide with World EV day, the new UK app provides insights into how their current vehicle’s running costs would compare to a hybrid or electric model in the Cupra range.

Called ‘EV&me’, the app has four key primary functions – Journey, Compare, Model and Explore.

Journey allows drivers to view their actual travel data, including distance, average speed and also estimated battery usage if they’d done it in an electrified Cupra model. Compare then lets drivers contrast their current running costs compared to that of an EV or plug-in hybrid from the brand’s range. This can look at distances over the long-term too, rather than just in the short.

All specification data for Cupra’s cars can be found in the Model tab, while an Explore page lets drivers find out more information about EVs and hybrids, including where you can charge them.

The new app is now available to download on both Apple and Android devices, and is being introduced ahead of the brand launching its first EV – the Born – at the start of 2022. Cupra already offers plug-in hybrid versions of its Leon and Formentor, which are both capable of around 35 miles on electricity.