2012 may have been a great year for UK car sales, but one particular model ran away with the competition – and it’s only available in the toy shop!

Despite the SMMT’s sales figures tally of over two million new car registrations in the UK during 2012, toy company Little Tikes has reported more sales of its Cozy Coupe model than the leading Ford Fiesta.

The Cozy Coupe is reported to have sold 156,693 units in the UK alone, more than the Fiesta’s 109,625 new registrations – and some 25,000 more cars than it sold in 2011.

Little Tikes attributes this boost in sales to the introduction of the GB Coupe; with its Union Flag on the roof, the toy will have captured the patriotic spirit of the nation over the summer as we celebrated the Jubilee and the London Olympics, leading to many purchases to be driven around at family barbecues!

Of course, the Cozy Coupe makes an ideal next car for many drivers for its affordability – new models are available for only £55 – but it’s also the most environmentally friendly vehicle on the road; the only emissions you’ll get from the Cozy Coupe are the exertions your young driver puts into pedal power. The entire range is also produced in Europe; making for an even more favourable carbon footprint that puts even the most discerning SUVs to shame.

Little Tikes’ Managing Director, Andrew Laughton, said: “We are extremely proud that we are once again producer of the UK’s best-selling car. The Cozy Coupe has all the qualities required to be a top-selling vehicle. It looks great, is reliable, fun to drive, and offers a variety of different models to increase its range of appeal.

“We will be keeping the Cozy Coupe fresh for the coming year, and prospective purchasers can expect to see some new and exciting models appearing on toy shop ‘forecourts’ this year!”