Jaguar could be considering an electric replacement for its F-Type sports car, according to new trademarks being registered by the firm.

Via the WIPO Global Brand Database, Jaguar has a pending application for the ‘EV-Type’ name, which was registered earlier this year on February 24.

It follows a number of applications made by the British firm for the ‘Jaguar EV-Type’ name – utilising the legendary ‘Type’ name that’s appeared on the firm’s cars for decades – dating back to the Jaguar C-Type of the 1950s.

While trademarks being registered isn’t always definitive proof that the model will materialise, according to Autocar the “British brand is actively considering an electric sports car”.

The F-Type is currently the only Jaguar ‘Type’ model, and has been around since 2013 as Jaguar’s only sports car with big powerful petrol engines. A facelifted model arrived at the start of the year, but there have been question marks around its future once this updated model needs replacing in the next few years.

But with Jaguar having a big push towards EVs, this electric ‘EV-Type’ seems plausible. Jaguar debuted its first electric car with the I-Pace in 2018, which has proven popular. It’s also readying an electric version of its flagship XJ, too, which is likely to arrive in 2021 and will be produced at the firm’s Castle Bromwich factory in the UK.