A policeman in Dover, Delaware has been caught by his in-car dash cam miming and dancing along to Taylor Swift’s hit song Shake It Off.

The policeman not only mimes along but pulls out a range of sassy hand gestures, bopping his head in time to the music, rolling his eyes in all the appropriate places and generally shaking things off. The only interruption to his performance comes in the form of waving past other drivers or people passing by.

We’re not sure whether the hands-off-the-wheel dance moves form part of Delaware police procedure, but they definitely make for one entertaining video. Since being posted on Friday, the video of his Shake It Off performance has gone viral. It even caught the attention of Swift herself with the singer Tweeting the video to her 50.9 million followers.

The Dover Police found the clip when reviewing footage of their in-car cameras and decided to publish the video on YouTube for the world to enjoy. Take a look for yourself in the video above.

Video: YouTube / Dover Police