Traffic jams and slow moving traffic are causing commuters to miss out on 55 hours of sleep each year, according to a new study.

The study was conducted by polling agency Walnut Unlimited on behalf of the Go-Ahead Group – one of the UK’s largest public transport providers.

Research found that commuters have to leave an average 13 minutes earlier to get to work on time each day due to traffic. This amounts to one hour and five minutes a week and a subsequent 55 hours a year of lost sleep.

The findings found 40 per cent of motorists had been late to work as a result of congestion, while 4 per cent have been late to job interviews because of queuing traffic.

Despite the Department for Transport investing in the road network and smart motorways in a bid to cut congestion, the Centre for Economics and Business Research has predicted that by 2030 congestion could cause the UK economy up to £300bn in losses.

The research conducted by the group aims to try and encourage more drivers to consider public transport.

Martin Dean, managing director of bus development at the Go-Ahead Group, said: “Traffic congestion causes frustration, anxiety and inconvenience. It hurts Britain’s productivity as well as affecting quality of life.

“Public transport can be a part of the solution to that problem – a fully loaded double decker bus can take as many as 75 private cars off the road, easing congestion and improving air quality.

“This study shows the true impact traffic jams have on peoples’ lives. It’s in everybody’s interests to get the country moving more quickly.”

The study surveyed 2,051 adults, and also found that bus passengers reach tipping point after 20 minutes of sitting in stationary traffic.

Ted Welford


August 9, 2018

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