The leaders of 14 UK cities and regions with illegal pollution levels are calling for funds to scrap old diesel cars.

The city leaders of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield, Southampton and the West of England Combined Authority are calling for the £1.5 billion fund to be introduced.

The proposed scheme would pay low-income residents and small businesses in their cities between £2,000 and £6,000 to scrap their old oil-burning vans and cars.

The purpose of this would be encouraging them to switch to cleaner a model, join a car club or use public transport instead.

A new report by UK100 – a network of devolved government leaders – says the investment would also decrease congestion as well as improving public health by reducing NOx levels and other particulate matter levels in the atmosphere.

In addition, the report claims the scheme would deliver total benefits to the tune of £6.5 billion.

Polly Billington, director of UK100, said: “Cleaning up the air in our towns and cities makes economic sense. It will boost the health of our communities and save the NHS money.”


September 4, 2019