Citroen is offering one year of free insurance with its C1 in an exciting deal for the summer.

From now until 30 September 2019, all C1s – barring the entry level ‘Touch’ trim level – are available with a year’s free insurance for customers between 18 and 75 years of age.

This news will no doubt add value and appeal to the C1, which has been on the market in its current guise since 2014. Minor tweaks have been on going since the debut of the second-generation version of the C1.

One notable example is the introduction of the ‘Origins’ Collector’s Edition variant, which debuted earlier this year to celebrate 100 years of the French manufacturer.

The C1 is certainly one of the more popular city cars on the market, thanks in part to enticing interior features such as a seven-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology available on all models eligible for the insurance deal.

Young drivers often gravitate towards smaller cars such as the C1, and according to Citroen’s UK sales director Eurig Druce, it is those customers that the free insurance deal is supposed to appeal to.

Druce said: “We’re delighted that we can now make [the C1] even more desirable. This offer has been designed in particular to offer a helping hand to younger drivers, whose insurance costs are usually higher.

By covering these costs we hope to get as many young drivers into a safer, brand new car that they can be proud of.”

If a new car is too costly – even with free insurance – you can check out the latest deals on used Citroen C1s here.