Do you hate dealing with the hassle and expense of airport parking? A solution could be at hand from one unlikely source: a Chinese farmer has developed a motorised suitcase, which he claims can take both you and your luggage to the airport.

Technically a tricycle, with one small wheel at the front and two at the rear, the contraption is the brainchild of He Liang of Hunan Province. According to a Taiwanese newspaper, it can cover 37 miles on a single charge of its lithium battery and is capable of reaching speeds up to a dizzying 12mph.

Dubbed the ‘City Cab’, Liang claims the motorised suitcase has been ten years in development – yes, we’re wondering why too. It has been granted a patent as a multi-functional travel device and Liang is hoping to see his creation adopted by busy travellers in the near future.

He Liang isn’t the first inventor to turn an everyday item into a mode of transport. If you’re in need of some inspiration in spicing up the morning commute, check out these madcap creations:

The 16bhp toilet

Providing a solution to a problem no one knew existed, British tinkerer Colin Furze created the motorised toilet. With a 140cc engine and a four-speed gearbox (operated by a toilet brush handle – nice), it once claimed the title of the world’s fastest toilet. It’s even got an automatic flush and a toilet-roll holder cum exhaust pipe.

The motorised sofa

Proof that you can be a couch potato and still get yourself into the record books, this wacky V8 engined sofa powered its way into the Guiness book of world records for being the fastest piece of furniture ever. Kick back, relax and watch as it powers its way up to 87mph.

The moveable meeting room

Employers are always encouraging their staff to ‘think outside the box’. Instead, they could literally take those Monday morning meetings in a whole new direction with this motorised conference table. It’ll certainly blow away the cobwebs, but serving coffee would be an absolute nightmare.