Chevrolet has launched the very first drive-in fitting room.

Hitting the forecourt today is the launch of the Chevrolet’s first drive-in fitting room, a chance for motorists to check out their appearance in their car before they buy it.

A survey conducted by Chevrolet on over 1,000 motorists found that 95 per cent of drivers claim they have no idea what they look like behind the wheel, Chevrolet have decided to help car buyers with their next purchase by allowing them to actually “try on” a car.

The buyer can drive into a curtained off room and park on a revolve which is placed in front of three giant mirrors. Buyers can then use a remote control handset to rotate the revolve to obtain a 360 degree view of themselves in the mirror.

Susan Kalair of Chevrolet comments: “We’re excited to be the first car brand to introduce a drive-in fitting room. It’s such a simple idea but with 95 per cent of motorists saying they have no idea what they look like in their car, we think it could prove a drive-away hit.”

The unique fitting room is being trialled in a South London forecourt from today.

Stephen Jury


April 11, 2008