Cheaper running costs is said to be the most influential reason as to why motorists are considering an electric car, according to a new survey. 

Though many think it’s environmental reasons as to why drivers switch to an electric car, the results from motoring website Autovia’s Driver Power study of 60,000 motorists found it was actually financial reasons that were the most tempting. 

In a similar fashion, though, higher list prices of electric cars also proved to be a key factor in holding back motorists from choosing EVs, with this being mentioned by more people that didn’t choose an EV than any other issue. 

Other reasons why drivers proved hesitant included ‘range’ anxiety, a limited number of electric car charging points and also the fact that a large chunk are said to have an ‘emotional attachment’ to petrol and diesel cars. 

Autovia editor-in-chief, Steve Fowler, said: “Clearly the upfront cost of EVs and worries about charging remain the biggest obstacles but the depth of our latest research also reveals signs of hope for the EV sector.

“For example, only one in four people who initially considered an EV or a hybrid in the past 24 months went on to buy something else – typically a petrol car. And although 60 per cent of drivers did not even consider an EV or a hybrid last time, those who plan to buy one next time are now in the majority.

“More good news for EV makers comes from the fact that, despite initial purchase prices putting many people off an EV over the past two years, they are increasingly perceived as cheaper to run. Lower running costs are cited most often as the top reason for considering an EV, which suggests consumers are becoming more confident in EVs.”

Electric cars are continuing to rise in popularity, with the latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders showing that neatly a fifth of cars registered in November 2021 were electric – almost double the number of diesel cars sold. This year alone more than 160,000 EVs have been registered – an 89 per cent increase on the same period in 2020.