They say criminals are getting smarter all the time, and with the recent spate of vehicle thefts involving ‘cloned’ keys, there is more than some evidence to support that. However, one man’s attempt to steal a Mercedes in Ireland proves that at least some car thieves really are quite thick.

Captured on CCTV outside a bar in Drogheda, the man is shown slowly approaching the luxury E-Class Coupe, before casually throwing a brick at the passenger’s window. Due to his rather limp-wristed effort the brick simply falls to the floor, but the thief doesn’t give up, moving to the other side of the car before putting his back into another strike.

Unfortunately the window still refuses to break, instead sending the brick flying back into the thief’s face, knocking him out cold.

He was eventually found by the car’s owner, and told him that he’d been attacked. Naturally he declined to get the police involved.

It wasn’t until the Mercedes driver – also the owner of the bar – noticed the damage, did he review the CCTV footage and realised what actually happened. The brick-wielding thief was later arrested.

If you’re impressed with the E-Class’s resilience in the attack, you can search for one of your very own here.

Daljinder Nagra


March 2, 2015

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