A hapless car thief has become an unlikely Internet star after he was forcibly trapped inside the car he was trying to steal by its owner’s irate neighbours.

Brazen drug addict Matthew Draper even asked one local resident to move their car so that he could escape with a Smart Roadster, belonging to Tanya Miles, after claiming he had just bought it.

However, knowing who the car belonged to, one alert neighbour checked with Ms Miles’s mother whether she recognised the thief.

Realising what Draper was up to, they managed to trap him inside the car by holding the doors shut.

Threatening his captors with a screwdriver, Draper eventually tries to break free through the car’s convertible roof, but his efforts are thwarted.

Ms Miles returned home to the scene and was spat at by Draper, who had by then resorted to trying to kick the windows out.

He was eventually arrested and later admitted charges of criminal damage, theft, going equipped to steal and failing to provide a specimen of breath.

He was also convicted of a previous burglary, which Draper had carried out to feed his drug habit.

Click play above to watch Draper fruitlessly attempt to escape from his victim’s car.

Daljinder Nagra


October 15, 2013

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