The top five silliest excuses for avoiding purchasing car tax were revealed today.

With the DVLA’s introduction of the Electronic Vehicle Licensing (EVL) service, it’s becoming increasingly hard for car tax dodgers to avoid paying their tax.

The EVL service allows vehicle owners the opportunity to renew their tax discs or declare their vehicle off the road online or via telephone. The service has already proved to be a great success, with more than 21.5 million motorists purchasing their next tax disc in this way.

Despite modern technology making it easier for motorists to tax their vehicles, the DVLA have revealed that excuses for not taxing vehicles have subsequently increased in their absurdity.

The top five excuses revealed were:

•I gave the car to a man in the pub.
•My mate took my car for a test drive a year ago, and hasn’t brought it back yet.
•I did tick the box, but didn’t realise I had to actually send you the form.
•The weather’s been nice so I haven’t needed to use it.
•The letter advises me to ignore any correspondence.

Andrew Rhodes, Acting Customer Services Director, DVLA, said: “The days of motorists being able to place a note on their windscreen saying that their tax is in the post as a way of avoiding renewing their tax disc are long gone. Everybody has an image of Del-Boy Trotter leaning on his van with the note on display, but thanks to electronic services from DVLA it is no longer an option for motorists”.

In July 2007, then DVLA’s EVL service picked up the Orange Best Use of Technology in Business Award, for the Wales & West Country Region, at the National Business Awards.

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Stephen Jury


March 17, 2008