Are you forever having issues with your car? Perhaps you drive along in constant fear that the ‘check engine’ light will illuminate on your dashboard, signalling an abruptly ended journey and a large repair bill.

Thankfully, for those who fret about the health of their motor, there’s now a smartphone app that can help. Called ‘Fixd’, the mobile program uses a sensor plugged into the car’s diagnostic port to alert users of problems via Bluetooth as soon as they occur.

So, the next time your engine management light comes on, you needn’t book it into a garage for an expensive once-over, just to find out what’s gone wrong – simply get your phone out, fire up the app and get a detailed read out of what’s happened, how much it’s likely to cost to fix and what the likely outcome will be if you ignore it.

You can keep an eye on more than one car, too, provided each is fitted with the sensor device. The app will also keep a time line of car related events, and inform you when your pride and joy is due for a service.

Fixd is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. Check out the video of the program in action below – you may well consider it a worthwhile investment.

Picture: Fotolia