It seems the word of automotive marketing has gone all a little bit chicken lately. There have been a couple of high profile car adverts featuring chickens and the latest Carfuffle TV advert features a 2 metre tail headless chicken.

The ad features a confused car buyer called Mark riding our headless chicken, named Hennifer. Mark eventually snaps back to reality to his sofa next to his pregnant partner, and uses our Smart Search tool to help him find them a new family car.  

Our ‘chicken’ creative is the next phase of our TV advertising campaign to provide the tools to help consumers avoid the ‘Carfuffle’ that often comes with changing their car.

Here are some of my favourite other car adverts feature chickens!

Nissan 370z

Pepe the Chicken Vs Nissan 370Z GT



As part of Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive MAGIC BODY CONTROL ensures optimum driving comfort. This was their advert to promote this. 

Jaguar v Chicken

A great reply from Jaguar from the Mercedes-Benz dvert. Magic Body Control? We prefer cat-like reflexes, don't you?

Stephen Jury


February 25, 2014