The death of a cyclist during the morning rush hour in London this week has led to renewed calls for lorries to be banned from the roads during busy periods.

A female cyclist was killed in the Victoria area after being struck by a HGV while on the way to work, causing MSN Cars editor Ian Dickson to re-ignite the debate on sharing our ever-crowded roads.

Making up just five per cent of road traffic, yet causing the deaths of half of all cyclists killed, lorries are by and away the greatest threat to those on two wheels.

Now, the automotive website is raising the need for curfews on heavy goods traffic, banning them from the roads during the morning and evening rush hours.

London Mayor Boris Johnson has previously highlighted the need for increased cyclist safety, calling for lorries to be fitted with special mirrors and soft-impact bumpers. While this is a step in the right direction, quite how well a spongey bumper would protect a cyclist from the fully-laden lorry behind it is debatable.

The onus isn't completely on lorry drivers. With no formal training needed to ride on the road, many riders are unprepared for the dangers of travelling through built up areas. Those who are proficient often take unnecessary risks such as cycling through red lights and overtaking stationary traffic causing them to be re-passed as soon as the traffic is back up to speed.

So what do you think? Do lorries need to be subject to curfews, or are cyclists just a danger to themselves? Have your say in the comments section below.

Daljinder Nagra


April 10, 2013